Queen Elizabeth to host President Obama

  March 6, 2009 at 4:03 pm by

Queen Elizabeth II is to meet the new Head of State from the country wth the largest debt in the world. While this is by no means the fault of the newest American president, it is now his job to dig the United States of America out of the hole that it currently finds itself in. And if this President has half the brains given to a billy goat, he will listen very carefully when the Queen of England, who has seen 12 administrations come and go, offers advice, whether it be on a personal, political or world view level.

Image from the TRF Avatar collection

Image from the TRF Avatar collection

President Obama is surely not the only Head of State that the Queen will welcome during the G20 meeting. However, it is the first time that they will meet, and unusually it is not being done with a State Visit, more as an informal ‘get to know each other’ meeting. Perhaps the economic crises, and the fact that the State Visits are pricey affairs has something to do with this? Not to mention that Obama has probably not had a chance to prepare to meet the Queen formally, and no chance to learn all of the etiquette involved, what with being busy trying to address the international financial crisis, the nation’s education problems, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the energy crisis simultaneously – a daunting challenge for even the most dedicated multitasker!

This being the very first president of African American heritage, the Queen Mum might not have been best pleased to see him treading on her aubusson rugs, but he is sure to appreciate all of the heritage and history that England and the Royal Family can offer. But as stated earlier, it is the sincerest hope of this blogger that he takes HM’s advice to heart about anything that she might choose to offer advice on. With more than 60 years of world experience under her belt, she could teach a thing or two to the newbie on the block!

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5 Responses to Queen Elizabeth to host President Obama

  1. sirhon11234 says:

    This is great news I’m very happy that President Obama will meet Her Majesty.
    I never knew that the Queen Mum was prejudiced, what little respect I had for her has flown out the window.

  2. Lady Claire says:

    I am also happy to see President Obama meet with the Queen. As a citizen of the United States, I hope the President takes to heart all the advice Her Majesty has to offer.

  3. Lander L. Blockton JR. says:

    How happy I am to see that our new President will meet the Queen. How STRANGE & ODD, to hear that about the Queen Mother being prejudiced. All respect I had for her is now GONE. How terrible to read that. One never knew that.

  4. Knowzilla says:

    Nice article, but…

    One little mistake, Her Majesty is not “Queen of England”, but Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain (England, Wales and Scotland) and Northern Ireland.

    Queen Elizabeth II is also Queen and Head of State of 15 other independent sovereign nations including Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Jamaica.

  5. David says:

    A nation cannot be sovereign and independent if the head of state is a monarch from a far away island. That’s the truth. She owns you, guys. I am sad that a U.S. president is learning courtly etiquette. A head of a republic should offer Ms. Elizabeth Sax-Cothburg-Saafield nothing more than a hand shake. Mrs. Windsor would be shorter. No bending of the waist or walking backwards out of a room is necessary. The best cure for king’s evil is an orange.

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