Prince William Inspects New London Police

  March 6, 2009 at 2:28 pm by

Prince William meets the police

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The second in line to the British throne congratulated 216 new policemen and women at the Metropolitan Police training college in Hendon, north London.

Prince William told the new recruits today reminded him of his days at Sandhurst.

“I have to say it is all a little too fresh in my mind – from being on your side of the fence at Sandhurst – for my knees not to be knocking very slightly every time I look at you.

“I must say though that you have done yourselves, and all your instructors, …. with your immaculate smartness and bearing on parade.”

The Prince wished them the “very best” for their future careers.

The day went well for William – until he inspected a horse. Unfortunately for the Prince, the horse sneezed on him. Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson joked that the cash-strapped force would not be able to pay for William’s suit to be cleaned.

This inspection comes after recent criticism that the 26 year-old Prince does not do enough royal duties and engagements compared to his father, Prince Charles, when he was 26.

William is currently training in the RAF as a rescue helicopter pilot.

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