Queen Silvia : “Daniel is a man with a lot of warmth!” “Very big heart!”

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Yesterday March 5, 2009, Queen Silvia of Sweden was seen on her way to a Silvia Home event in Stockholm.

The Queen told an Expressen reporter that she was very happy with the engagement of Crown Princess Victoria and Daniel Wrestling that was announced last week, February 24th.

Click on image to see photo at www.expressen.se

Click on image to see photo at www.expressen.se

“Daniel is a man with a lot of warmth. Much warmth. Very big heart. Great sympathy for others.”, the Queen said. “I am very happy for the Crown Princess’s and Daniel’s sake.” The Queen also said that it feels “wonderful” that the Crown Princess is now engaged. Read more about it here.

King Carl Gustav and Silvia Sommerlath, a commoner like Daniel Westling, announced their engagement on 12 March 1976 and were married three months later, on 19 June in Stockholm Cathedral in Stockholm. It was the first marriage of a reigning Swedish monarch since 1797. Crown Princess Victoria is their oldest child.

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