World Childhood Foundation in Florida

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Queen Silvia and Princess Madeleine have made a trip to Florida to attend events centred around the World Childhood Foundation.

Princess Madeleine, who currently lives in New York City while she is working for Childhood, attended a solo event on Friday April 1st, visiting Kristi House and the Children’s Harbour in Miami. The two organisations are projects of Childhood, which Queen Silvia founded in 1999. During the visits, Princess Madeleine received a painting from the Kristi House.

Visit the Childhood website by clicking the above link

The following night, April 2nd, Princess Madeleine was joined by her mother for the charity gala dinner benefiting Childhood at the home of the Swedish Honorary Consul in Florida, Per Olof Lööf, in Hillsboro Beach. The event was attended by over two hundred guests, including a a series of Swedish expats. Elin Nordegren and golfer Jesper Parnevik were in the crowd. Entertainment was provided by US singer Josh Groban, and the event raised around $USD600,000 for the foundation.

View the full-sized images at Svensk Damtidning

Queen Silvia spoke briefly with Swedish reporters at the event, telling them “I feel much better now” after her bout with a common cold in the final weeks of March. She also said that she was in the States for Childhood, when asked if she was planning to meet Princess Madeleine’s boyfriend, Chris O’Neill.

Her Majesty will fly to New York to accept the Health and Human Rights award this week.

Read more about the Swedes and Childhood here.

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  1. Suzie A. Anderson says:

    I was elated when I had read this archived post and just had to make a comment…as being a very distant cousin to the current Royal Family, I found that to be a good thing for them to have done.

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