Princess Victoria Celebrates her Name Day

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On March 12th, Princess Victoria, along with Prince Daniel, celebrated her name day at the Royal Palace Square in Stockholm. The day has been celebrated for several years. “Name days” (namnsdagar) are celebrated in Sweden and Finland and are a tradition going back hundreds of years. The calendar has a name associated with each day. Originally only martyrs and saint’s names were on the list, but not long ago more common names were added. It is like a mini birthday.

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Victoria is being celebrated on the day her name appears on the calendar.

The Name Day celebration began with the Royal Horse Guard sending a horseshoe to both the Crown Princess and Prince Daniel. This horseshoe worn by one of the horses apart of the wedding procession on June 19 last year. Then, they continued the celebration at the Inner Courtyard of the Royal Palace of Stockholm with a concert performed by the Guards Band of the Dragon. They performed the Älvsborgs Regiment March, as a reminder that the Crown Princess is the Duchess of Västergötland. Then they played the Queen Victoria Präsentiermarsch and Crown Princess Victoria’s Festive March.

The concert ended “with a simple tulip” and cheers, followed by the Victoria fanfare when the band sent flowers to the Crown Princess. After the concert, the Crown Princess met with some people who had come to take part in the courtship of her name day.

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