Swedish Royal Family – February Events

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King Carl Gustaf & Queen Silvia;
Feb 2
nd – The King and Queen delivered the Medals of the King in the royal palace in Stockholm.
Feb 3rd – King Carl Gustaf handed out the Swedish Quality Award 2010 during a ceremony at the Clarion Hotel in Stockholm.
Feb 9th – King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia flew to Thailand for a vacation, they continued to China.
Feb 10th – The King and Queen attended the celebration of the Thai Scout’s 100th anniversary
Feb 11th – King Carl – Gustaf and Queen Silvia participated at the seminar “Justice for Women and Children Victims of Violence”
Feb 12th – King & Queen at the 70-birthday party of Bertil Hult in Shanghai
Feb 14th – King and Queen attended the workshop on abused children and women’s rights in Bangkok, Thailand.
Feb 15th – The King and Queen met with the president of The Royal Opera and director of Opera Initiative to discuss the future of Opera and the performing arts in Sweden.
Feb 16th – King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia have received the newly appointed ambassadors during a reception at the Royal Palace.
Feb 18th – King Carl Gustaf has inaugurated the renovated Sofielundsskolan, a school in Malmo, Sweden
Feb 21st – King Carl Gustaf has handed out gold medals at the annual medal ceremony for the Swedish Milk Association in Stockholm today, Queen Silvia was present as well.
Feb 23rd – The king sent his condolences to New Zealand, to Sir Anand Satyanand, Governor-General.

Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel & Prince Carl-Philip;
Feb 2
nd & 3rd – Crown Princess Victoria attended the Jokkmokk Winter Conference on the theme “Indigenous Perspectives on Sustainable Development”.
Feb 5th – Carl Philip attended the Society of Olanders’ 100th anniversary celebrations in Stockholm.
Feb 9th – The Crown Princess visited the Stockholm City Mission’s activities. Victoria began her day with a visit to City Mission school where the Crown Princess was given a comprehensive description of the City Mission’s three business areas – education, social activities and social enterprise. After the Crown Princess visited a housing for the homeless, a second hand store with job training, a therapy activity and ultimately one of the City Mission.
February 15th – Crown Princess Victoria attended the opening ceremony of the Paralympic Winter World Cup 2011 in Sollefteå. The Crown Princess began her day with a visit to biathlon. After the Crown Princess visited Österåsens health farm. The afternoon began with a visit to a sledge hockey match between Sweden and Russia. In the evening Crown Princess attended the opening ceremony of the Paralympic Winter World Cup.
Feb 16th – 17th: Prince Daniel visited London to see the Trade Council.
February 23rd – Prince Daniel visited the Ministry of Health.
February 24th – Prince Daniel visited the telecom company Ericsson in Kista.

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