Crown Princess Maxima and Princess Mabel at Good Money Gala

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On Wednesday February 9th, Princess Maxima spoke at the Good Money Gala of the National Postcode Lottery at the Singer Museum in Laren.

Princess Mabel was also, unexpectedly, present. The Princess was present on behalf of The Elders. During this Gala, the amount distributed to charitable organizations by the lottery this year was announced.

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Stop Aids Now! received an amount of 8.8 million euros from the National Postcode Lottery. The amount is earmarked for fighting AIDS in Swaziland. With the money, the organization plans to test on a large scale the population of Swaziland for HIV, and to use antiretroviral treatment as a preventative agent against the spread of the disease.

The other big beneficiary of the foundation were the Nature and Environment Federations. These organizations received 13.5 million euros for the creation of new energy we can generate.

The National Lottery annually distributes 50% of lottery proceeds to charity organizations, working in the field of man and nature at home and abroad. The amount distributed this year throughout 75 organizations is over the 256 million euros distributed last year.

Eight new charities can look forward to a long-term financial contribution this year, including The Elders,whose director is Princess Mabel. Also, African Parks Network (an organization for the preservation of parks in conflict areas in Africa) and the Johan Cruyff Foundation (promotes sports for children) received a donation.

Maxima was the special guest present at the meeting and addressed the existing charities to explain the importance of their work.

It was announced that 270 million euro will be divided among the charities supported by the lottery this year, including the Orange Fund. Prince Willem-Alexander and Princess Maxima are the patrons of the fund, with more than 15 million euros assigned to the Fund.

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