Who Will Pay for the Royal Wedding of the Year?

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Last week’s announcement by the Swedish royal court that Crown Princess Victoria was engaged to her long-time boyfriend Daniel Westling brought much joy (and many cheers of “Finally!”) to the Swedes and royal-watchers around the globe. But in the aftermath of the announcement, the crucial question of who will pay for the royal wedding of 2010 has been brought up in the Swedish parliament.

The current Swedish government has expressed that if approached by the royal court for more funds in next year’s budget to pay for the royal wedding – estimated to cost at least 10 million Swedish Krona – they will allow extra money to be provided. But opposition comes from Sweden’s Left Party, whose spokeswoman Ulla Andersson said, “I believe that this is not exactly a poor family. They already have tax money at their disposal each year, and I think they should manage with what they have received over the years.” She also went on to say that the current economic crisis should also be shared with the royal court.

Four of Sweden’s other political parties have not expressed opposition to extra money going towards the Crown Princess’ wedding, with the Christian Democrats telling Svenska Dagbladet the government should “have a positive attitude” if the court requests more money.

In a poll conducted by Aftonbladet, 70% of its readers believe that the King should pay for Victoria and Daniel’s wedding himself. 22% said they would be okay with the royal court and the state to split the cost; and the remaining eight percent believe the state should pay for the whole wedding.

Public support for financing the wedding is not very high, with a Facebook group called Vägra betala Victorias bröllop! (“Refuse to pay for Victoria’s Wedding”) being created (although mainly by those who oppose the monarchy); currently with over 21,000 members.

In addition to the debate on financing the wedding, Aftonbladet ran a poll of their readers asking them whether they believe King Carl XVI Gustaf should abdicate in favour of his daughter soon, and one-third of those who took part in the poll believe the King should retire when he turns 65 in 2011. 45% of the poll (the winning majority) want Carl Gustaf to remain the Swedish head of state. The poll also showed that Victoria is the favourite child of the King and Queen, with two-thirds believing that she is best for the job of heir.

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2 Responses to Who Will Pay for the Royal Wedding of the Year?

  1. lucien says:

    Typical bruhaha.

    But as it concerns the future Head of State of Sweden,the State has to pick up the bill without any further discussion this time.
    Let alone started by the swedish left who try to be overzealously political correct again.Nausiating.And get the crisis hype butting in is soo cheap.The revenue will be many many many times over any wedding bill and also,it provides an industry on its own,so jobs and income.Heck with the crisis hype!

    Many thousands will come to Sweden to see it all themselves…including moi….(there’s always youtube to see all from up close afterwards…and on this our Great Forum…and many other Boards…)

    No,it is a State affair,so pick up the bill and don’t come ’round cheaper as these types already are…leftist cheapness…should be a law against it.Hmm.

  2. Jack says:

    I assume that the Left Party would prefer that the Crown Princess marry in a registry office wearing a cloth sack with no guests or not marry at all? Perhaps they would be happy for no one in Sweden to receive any state payments or for any money to be spent on anything at all? Seriously though, if Parliament and more importantly the people of Sweden are happy for the wedding to be a state occassion, then certain aspects of the wedding such as security, decorations, use of the cathedral, transport, putting up foreign dignitaries etc should be paid for by the state. Personal elements such as flowers, dresses, reception etc should be paid for privately (usually the brides’ parents). I trust that Sweden’s Left Party are happy not to receive any of the perks that come with the job of being MPs and that they are happy just to receive a basic wage and arrange and pay for their own transport, offices, lunch, security and parliamentary functions?! I trust also that the Left party would be happy for any prosepctive president to pay all his costs, live in a bungalow and fund his or her own presidency? Finally, I trust that the Left Party will have considered its views very carefully. realistically and in a considered and measured way rather than jumping on their own bandwagon to denounce without any forethought anything to do with royalty, history, tradition, public events and generally anything not bound within the grey curtain of boredom they would seek to impose on people?!

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