Princess Laurentien, Chairman of High Level Group on Literacy

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On Tuesday February 01, Princess Laurentien was present in Brussels to attend the launch of the High Level Group of Experts.
The Princess is Special Envoy for literacy development in the UN organization UNESCO.

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The European Commission is a new expert group set up looking for alternative ways of bringing down the illiteracy in the EU. The High Level Group consists of leading experts in the fields of education and literacy in different EU countries. “Illiteracy is the path of economic growth and inclusiveness. By addressing illiteracy, we also contribute to solutions in other areas, such as poverty, employability and a healthy lifestyle,” Princess Laurentien said at Brussels’ Berlaymont building.

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The mission of the High Level Group is to examine how the European Union the level of literacy of children and adults can be promoted and promote recommendations for a structural approach to this. The High Level Group is established under the EU’s 2020 strategy of the European Commission and will be in its analysis, provide specific attention to the changing demand for literacy in the 21st century. Literacy is therefore not only as an educational theme highlighted, but also as a socio-economic theme.

Princess Laurentien is founder and president of “Reading & Writing”. Since 2004 the Foundation brings attention to the issue of illiteracy and low literacy, and is committed to promote structural prevention and reduction. Princess Laurentien is also UNESCO Special Envoy for Literacy (since March 2009). In this capacity, she is working for the cause of literacy worldwide and brings attention to the importance of a comprehensive approach of this: both to prevent illiteracy among children and the importance of reducing illiteracy among adults.

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