Charlene Joins the Circus; Caroline Raises Funds for Burundi Orphans

  January 26, 2011 at 4:07 am by

Charlene Wittstock, Monaco’s soon-to-be Princess Consort, accompanied her fiance, the Sovereign Prince Albert II, today to the Big Tent in Fontvieille for the awards ceremony of the 35th edition International Circus Festival of Monte-Carlo.

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Grimaldi cousins Keith Sebastian Knecht and Laetitia de Massy Brouwer sat behind Prince Albert, Charlene, Princess Stephanie and Miss Pauline Ducruet. As over the weekend, the color black, with the one exception being the blue Scarf de Cirque, seemed to be the signature of the entire Princely Family and their entourage. The performances of the past weekend were attended by more of them. However, Pierre Casiraghi and girlfriend Beatrice Borromeo, Pierre’s sister Princess Alexandra, and also his uncle Marco Casiraghi, did not return to the Big Tent today.

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Princess Caroline turned 54 on January 23, but has not appeared at the circus yet. She has been fulfilling engagements elsewhere. On Thursday, January 20, she attended a fundraising luncheon in Brussels. The occasion was organized by AMADE, an NGO over which the Princess presides, for the orphans of Burundi. Members of the Belgian royal family sat down with the Princess to help raise money for the “AMADE Burundi” project. The project was launched in 2008 in cooperation with Princess Stephanie’s Fight AIDS Monaco. Obviously, Princess Caroline’s sister is busy as the presidential hostess of the Circus Festival de Monte-Carlo.

Yesterday, Princess Caroline’s elder daughter, Charlotte Casiraghi, sat next to Kate Moss in the front row of the Paris Fashion Week show by the lingerie brand Etam.

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