20 Years Ago: Death of King Olav V

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20 years ago, on January 17th 1991, King Olav V of Norway passed away.

Alexander Edward Christian Frederik was born in Norfolk (England) on July 2nd 1903 as the only son of Prince Carl of Denmark and Princess Maud of Wales, who later became King Haakon VII and Queen Maud of Noway. When his father became King of Norway in 1905 his son was given the name Olav.

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The Crown Prince of Norway received had private lessons at the Palace and attended local schools. He attended the Halling school in Oslo and the Norwegian Military Academy. He also studied in Oxford.

In 1929 Olav married Princess Märtha of Sweden. The Crown Princely couple had three children: Princess Ragnhild (*1930), Princess Astrid (*1932) and Prince Harald (*1937).

During the German invasion of Norway in 1940 King Haakon and Crown Prince Olav accompanied the Norwegian troops as they withdrew northwards. Later he followed his father to the exile in London. He returned to Norway on May 13th 1945.

Crown Princess Märtha died on April 5th 1954.

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3 years later, on September 21st 1957, King Haakon VII passed away and Olav became King Olav V of Norway. Since the King was a widower, Princess Astrid acted as First Lady of Norway.

King Olav reigned for 33 years and was cherished and respected as Norway’s King. He was called the “People’s King”.

The King passed away on January 17th 1991 and was buried in the Royal Mausoleum at Akershus Castle in Oslo. When Olav V died his son Harald became King V of Norway.

You can read a detailed biography of the late King Olav V here.

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