Princess Louise attended the Cirkus School

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During the Christmas holidays, Princess Louise (6), the first child of Prince Laurent and Princess Claire, went to the Leuven Cirkus School in Beweging.

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On January 7, she performed in the presence of mom, dad and her brothers, the five year old twins Nicolas and Aymeric. “It was very nice to see that Louise so lively,” said Prince Laurent. “She did well too.”

Louise attended the lessons mainly to improve her Dutch. “Everything is in Dutch. The friends she makes, speak Dutch. Hopefully it turns into fruition. I wish I could have done that, then I might have gotten the hang of more languages,” says the Prince.

View the image at Het Nieuwsblad

Cirkus in Beweging organizes courses for children from first through sixth grade. “Earlier, the children of Prince Philippe, Emmanuel (5) and Elisabeth (9), had classes here,” says coordinator Annelies Claessens. Louise took lessons along with nineteen other children. “In the beginning she was a little embarrassed,” says her teacher.

“But she flourished and quickly made friends. Louise had a clear preference for the trapeze. She was pretty good. All week they practiced, because during the showcase, she wanted to show her parents what she could do. Louise was not behaving like a princess, but as a girl of six. Prince Laurent is also a very kind man. He gave me a helping hand to move the material and on Thursday, he brought along cake for all the children. They did great, of course.”

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