Prince Ali wins FIFA Vice Presidency

  January 6, 2011 at 7:31 am by

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Prince Ali bin Al Hussein of Jordan has been elected as FIFA vice-president on Thursday, making him the youngest member of the executive committee.

Prince Ali, 35 years old, is president of the football federation in Jordan. Prince Ali said, “I want to introduce a new work ethic in Asian football.” “I want to energize this position in a way that serves all our needs. I promise that if we win we will continue to unite Asian football in the future.”

Prince Ali won 25 votes to 20 against Chung Mong-Joon of South Korea who has been in the position since 1994.

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2 Responses to Prince Ali wins FIFA Vice Presidency

  1. Ravine says:

    Many congratulations to HRH Prince Ali on this brilliant achievement. It’s nice to know that sometimes the good guy wins.

  2. zaid alshara says:

    What a great accompleshment to have the young Prince Ali bin Al Hussein for the position of FIFA vice president. I believe he will work hared to accomplish his goals.

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