And her name is… Savannah

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The name of the daughter of Peter and Autumn Phillips is Savannah. Among others, the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh, great-grandparents of Savannah, the Princess Royal, grandmother of little Savannah, and Timothy Laurence, and the Earl and Countess of Wessex, were present at the Sandringham church service in which Savannah’s name was first used in public.

Savannah is the first child of Peter and Autumn, the first grandchild of the Princess Royal and the first great-grandchild of the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh.

For more information, please visit the thread dedicated to the birth of Savannah HERE.

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7 Responses to And her name is… Savannah

  1. Brad says:

    A Canadian and a member of the British Royal Family are naming their child after a city in Georgia? Poor kid. Of all the beautiful names out there, this is what they chose.

  2. Margaret says:

    Well – thats ……unusual. I suppose (because this is all about me of course) that of all the place-names-as-first-names – Savannah is one of my most favourites, so its all good.

    I mean they could have chosen Neveah – God Forbid!

  3. Donna says:

    Well Princess Royal did name her daughter Zara – no royal connection there i’m pretty sure. Maybe Autumn likes Desperate housewifes – god forbid the one with twins in real life named one of them Savannah…i guess it’s about breaking the mould of tradition??

  4. Leslie says:

    Savannah? Really? I was expecting something more regal like Patricia or Alice. Oh well. Maybe those will be included in her middle names? I hope so! Savannah isn’t terrible, but it certainly isn’t what you would expect a grandson of England’s Queen to name his first child.

  5. Mavis F says:

    Savannah is a vert old English name, was the name Geogegina used for one of Jane Austin’s character in Pride and Prejudice? Many Cities and Hamlets carry English names. America was once a Colony of England.

  6. Angel says:

    I thought they had to have the monarchs permission before naming a child. Savannah…i hope it grows on me.

  7. Zak says:

    What on earth is that??? Lovely name I must say, what on earth happened to Christian tradition?????????

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