Swedish Royal Events before Christmas

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As a family; King Carl Gustaf, Queen Silvia, Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel and Princess Madeleine attended the Swedish Royal Academy’s annual meeting on the 20th of December. The Swedish Academy is an independentcultural institution, founded in 1786 by King Gustav III in order to advance the Swedish language and Swedish Literature. The Academy has also awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature since 1901.

King Carl-Gustav & Queen Silvia:
10th December
– For years, The Queen has awarded the first prize to the winners of Contemporary Orientation. Happy and excited high school students have gathered in the Green Salon at Drottningholm Palace. The Queen congratulated all the winners, who each received a brooch from Queen’s hand. After the ceremony, the Queen talked with the young people and when they said they would sit at the top of the Concert Hall during the ceremony, the Queen promised to wave to them.

Since 1939, the Daily News has held Nutidsorientering. It is a competition that caters to all Swedish secondary school students. In 2010, 246 751 pupils competed from 1123 schools across the country. Each county receives a winner and the highest point-winners will also be national winners. Besides a trip to Stockholm and the awards ceremony at Drottningholm Palace, there is a lunch with the Minister of Education Jan Björklund, a visit to the Nobel Museum, attendance at the Nobel ceremony at the Stockholm Concert Hall and a dinner for all the winners.

14th December – Queen Silvia held a board meeting for Mentor Sweden at the Royal Palace. The Queen is Honorary President and the Chairman is Jan Carlzon. The basis for Mentor is that youths need more adult role models. Adults and mentors can often be the major protective factor against drugs and violence. Mentor therefore working well with mentors in which a juvenile and an adult hand in hand for a year and also by actively supporting the parents. Mentoring is also working with schools across the country. The Queen founded Mentor in 1994.

19th December – Queen Silvia and King Carl XVI Gustaf attended a Christmas concert at the Hedvig Eleonora Church in Stockholm.

Princess Victoria & Prince Daniel:
15th December – Victoria and Daniel had an audience with the Christian Council of Sweden at the Royal Palace. They received a wedding gift, which they had not been able to receive in connection with the wedding. The gift was a nativity scene made of a wood carvers of Bethlehem.

Victoria and Daniel expressed great interest in the SKR’s work and asked a number of interesting questions. They were very delighted about the gift and promised a nice place for it at their home in Haga Palace.

Prince Carl-Philip:
16th December
– Prince Carl Philip recieved pines from the Forest School. From the College of Forestry, Per Hoflund, Erik Mellgren, Olle Nylund and Victor Asmoarp walked with Prince Carl-Philip who told him about the trees. There are two Rödgranar and two King Pines, from Dalby in southern Sweden. Prince Carl Philip also heard from Victor Asmoarp that the King Pine got its present name when the College of Forestry in the 60’s began to hand over spruce trees to the Royal Family, it is also called the North’s Fir.

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