Dutch Photo Session at Villa La Angostura

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On December 18, the Prince of Orange, Princess Maxima and their three little girls Amalia, Alexia and Ariane, left Holland for a trip to Argentina. They will spend the Christmas holiday in Argentina with the family of Princess Maxima.

On Sunday morning, the family gave a photoshoot to the media. The family posed in the beautiful garden of ‘Residencia El Messidor’, the house of the governor of the province of Neuquen.

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The family will stay until early January in Villa La Angostura, about eighty kilometers from the city of Bariloche.

During the photo shoot the little princesses picked daisies. In the beginning of the photo session it was raining but afterwards the sun came out. The photos offered a beautiful view of the place with lake and mountains.

Princess Maxima, in Spanish, said to the press assembled there that their upcoming days do not have “any program, it is the beauty of the holidays, having no program.” Meanwhile, Prince Willem said that for them to travel to this country “is always a great pleasure” and added that “we have lots of fun here”.

Here Maxima’s brother, Martin, has a thriving and highly regarded restaurant, Bistro Tinto, and the royal family in the neighborhood also run a number of property projects.

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The last time that the family has spent the Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve in the same area was three years ago.

Argentine press speculates that Queen Beatrix will also travel to Argentina in the coming days to share a few days of rest with the princes, but the Dutch Royal House has not confirmed this.

Amalia, Alexia and Ariane wore matching outfits – an orange blouse with a white vest and white pants.

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