Princess Maxima Opens 25th Resto VanHarte

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This morning, Princess Maxima opened the 25th restaurant Resto VanHarte in Amersfoort. Restaurant Resto is a national charity neighborhood restaurant where residents and professionals can meet each other. Resto VanHarte was founded in 2005 by the founders of Doctors Without Borders and a number of concerned entrepreneurs and artists. The aim is to strengthen the social cohesion in the neighborhood. The charity has been established in 25 locations around the Netherlands, from restaurants to schools and community buildings.

Residents and community professionals are served an affordable and healthy three-course meal. Frequently, for example a doctor, policeman or neighborhood father can meet and discuss various things at the table. People in social isolation will be more involved in their neighborhood.

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They are encouraged to join a club or at (volunteers) to look for work. The staff of the restaurant consists largely of volunteers, the kitchens and control work and provide accredited training places. Princess Máxima’s visit takes place on the anniversary of Resto VanHarte.

Fred Beekers, founder and director of Resto VanHarte, said: “The visit of Princess Máxima and the opening are a crown on a particular week. Wonderful that in this way we draw attention to social cohesion in the Netherlands.”

Princess Máxima’s visit is a highlight of the anniversary activities of Resto VanHarte. In 2008, the Princess visited Resto VanHarte Amsterdam-Noord.

Resto VanHarte started in 2008 with the growth program of the Orange Fund. This program allows local successful initiatives to become a functioning national company. The fund also supports the creation of yet new restaurants.

The Prince of Orange and Princess Máxima are patrons of the Orange Fund.

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