Crown Princess Maxima attended a symposium in Rotterdam

  December 4, 2010 at 11:26 am by

On Friday 03 December, Princess Maxima visited, as a member of the Council of Microfinance, The Creative Factory and a symposium in the Business House South in Rotterdam.

The visit was organized by Self Regional Office (RBZ) Microfinance as Business Center (new) entrepreneurs advice, guidance and financial support. Princess Maxima and other members of the Council of Microfinance launched the mission in the Creative Factory. This is a former grain silo building for creative entrepreneurs in the media, fashion, music, design and business services.

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For young entrepreneurs to help RBZ seeks cooperation with different parties in Rotterdam, including colleges, banks and businesses. The visit ends in the Business House South. FAC has has organized a symposium in which the public and private parties to exchange experiences about microfinance and coaching.
Princess Maxima spoke with attendees prior to the symposium. Microfinance in the Netherlands is for people with good business plans but who need help in developing their plans or from a bank can not be met.
With coaching and credit they get the chance to start their own business. Entrepreneurs can go to one of the MF-42 intake points for entrepreneurs, advice and applying for credit.

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