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Jordanian King’s Maternal Grandfather’s Funeral

  December 3, 2010 at 12:59 am by

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Today, King Abdullah II, Queen Rania, Princess Muna and other members of the Royal Family attended Colonel Piercy Walter Gardiner’s funeral. Gardiner, the maternal grandfather of Jordan’s King, passed away yesterday in Amman.

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Gardiner was buried in a private ceremony at Princess Muna’s farm in the Jordan Valley. After the funeral, King Abdullah, Crown Prince Hussein and Prince Faisal received the condolences at Raghadan Palace from Royal Family members, the Senate President, Prime Minister, members of the diplomatic corps in Jordan, the speaker of the Lower House of Parliament, president of the Judicial Council, Royal Court chief, the King’s advisors, cabinet members, chief justice, and the grand muft.

Queen Rania, Princess Muna, Princess Aisha and Princess Zein also accepted the condolences from wives of senior civic and military officials, women ministers, and members of the Senate and the Lower House of parliament and wives of foreign diplomats at Zahran Palace.

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