Queen Beatrix attended the opening of the DeLaMar Theater

  November 28, 2010 at 5:56 pm by

On Sunday evening, Queen Beatrix was present at the opening of the DeLaMar Theatre in Amsterdam. The theater was built at the initiative of the Van den Ende foundation, the cultural fund of Joop and Janine van den Ende. Joop van den Ende and Janine and their children, Iris and Vincent, received the Queen.

The DeLaMar theater was founded in 1947 and named after actress and comedian Fien de la Mar. Later it was renamed the Nieuwe de la Mar Theater. Five years ago, this theater closed its doors. The venue opened after a five year construction period.

Queen Beatrix made a tour through the building designed by architect Jo Coenen and Arno Meijs.

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During a tour with Janine and Joop van den Ende, the Queen revealed images of Wim Sonneveld and Mary Dresselhuis. Two halls bear their names. The Queen watched the foyers of the permanent photo exhibition of work by Erwin Olaf and Viviane Sassen.The new building on the site of the famous Nieuwe de la Mar Theater,cost 65 million euros.

Queen Beatrix attended the premiere of the musical “La Cage aux Folles”. The programming of the DeLaMar Theatre will include drama, cabaret, musicals, theater and family productions international diversion.
Pieter van Vollenhoven was also present at the opening.

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