What have the Danish Royals been up to lately? Week #46, 2010.

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Queen Margrethe & Prince Henrik.

Tuesday, 16. November:

Prince Henrik and Crown Prince Frederik took part in royal hunt in Grib Forest near Fredensborg Palace.

At the game parade in the evening in front of Fredensborg Palace, Queen Margrethe, Crown Princess Mary and Prince Christian looked on, before all the adults gathered for a dinner hosted by Queen Margrethe.

Hunting is not an issue in Denmark.

Wednesday, 17. November:

Together with his grandpapa, Prince Henrik, little Prince Christian was officially on the job for the first time, unveiling a portrait painting at Rosenborg Castle. The portrait depicts a son of King Christian IV, from the early 1600s. Christian brought his mother with her and holding her hand he watched the spectacle of photographers performing in front of him. The painting was unveiled by Christian and grandpapa Henrik each pulling a cord at the same time.

That the portrait was from the early 1600s didn’t interest him as much as the playful dog that was also depicted in the picture. Four girls dressed in magnificent period dresses danced a menuet in front of those present. To a five year old Christian however – Hmm, four girls dancing, big deal! What’s happening there behind me?

Earlier that same day there was a State Council at Christianborg Castle (seat of the Parliament). Such a state council is attended by the Monarch or/and the Crown Prince. At the meeting the government brief the Monarch about affairs of the state and the parliamentary situation.

Later that day Queen Margrethe presented a watch to a guardsman from the relieved guards battalion of the Royal Lifeguard Regiment. Three battalions, consisting of conscripts, take turn guarding the royal palaces (with live ammunition). From each battalion a private is elected as the best comrade and he (or she, as women can sign up for voluntary conscription) is presented with a watch by the Monarch herself.

Thursday, 18. November:

Queen Margrethe & Prince Henrik attended the yearly celebration by Copenhagen University at Vor Frue Square in Copenhagen.

Later that evening the Regent Couple attended the evening celebrations at the Opera in Copenhagen.

Friday, 19. November:

Queen Margrethe & Prince Henrik received a number of ambassadors, who have been appointed to serve in Denmark. According to the diplomatic protocol, a foreign ambassador is not acknowledged as ambassador until he has presented himself and his credentials to the Monarch or the regent.

Crown Prince Frederik & Crown Princess Mary.

Tuesday, 16. November:

Crown Prince Frederik took part in the royal hunt mentioned above.

Saturday, 20. November:

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary attended the yearly celebrations of the Guards Hussars Regiment at Antvorskov barracks in Slagelse. Frederik served his first time as a newly appointed lieutenant in a recce platoon in that regiment.

Mary is clearly beginning to slow down, due to her pregnancy and I don’t think we will see her too much from now on and until she gives birth. At least it’s doubtful that she will go far from Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen, where she is scheduled to give birth. Her maternity team is already on stand-by, ready to be present at Rigshospitalet as soon as at all possible. The garrison town of Slagelse which is located roughly an hour by car from Rigshospitalet is probably as far away from Copenhagen we will see Mary from now on and until she gives birth.

Prince Joachim & Princess Marie.

They had no official duties this week.

You really feel that you simply must know more, right? No problem, just go to the Danish Royals forum and read all about it.

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