Charlene Wittstock, Outshines with Elegance on Monaco’s National Day

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Once more, the Grimaldi Family got together to celebrate the Principality’s National Day festivities along with their people. Prince Albert II could enjoy a fantastic day, and introduced Charlene Wittstock for the very first time as his fiancée, and future wife.

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The Sovereign attended Saint Nicholas Cathedral Mass in the morning with sisters Princess Caroline of Hannover and Princess Stephanie of Monaco. Both ladies gave a regal, elegance presence, dressed in dark outfits, black and dark grey each one. But this National Day was special, because one presence was being expected for weeks: Charlene Wittstock, who amazed everyone with her appearence at the Church, dressed with a beautiful Armani Privé outfit, wearing a big extravagant hat, and wearing the composure of a real Princess.

After the mass, as it’s expected, the Prince and his family appeared at the Balcony, and of course all the eyes were laid on Charlene, whom with a nice smile and firm conviction, proper of a First Lady, waved at everyone with her dear fiancé. Albert showed his pride without shyness.

Princess Caroline’s children, Andrea, Charlotte and Pierre Casiraghi assisted with their little sister Princess Alexandra of Hannover, and got together with their mum to salute at everyone from the Balcony too. Melanie de Massy could be seen too from the back in the Balcony.

But the entire family leave Charlene shine, showing that a new era is finally beginning in Monaco. And letting know their habitants that their so expected Princess has finally arrived to stay. Like every year, once again the big absents of the festivities were Princess Stephanie’s children, Louis and Pauline Ducruet, and little Camille Gottlieb.

At night, the Gala took place at Monaco Forum, and Prince Albert attended with his two lovely ladies, big sister Caroline and fiancée Charlene. Princess Caroline wore a Chanel suit while Miss Wittstock choose again a Armani from the same collection she wore at day. The night passed quietly and monegasques can breathe with easy, because Albert is finally completed.

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