Prince Hassan receives the Bayreuth Prize

  November 21, 2010 at 9:19 pm by

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On November 18th, 2010 Prince Hassan was honoured by the German city of Bayreuth with the Wilhelmine von Bayreuth Prize. Jordan’s Prince received the Prize from Bayreuth’s Mayor, Michael Hohl, at the end of the 2nd Bayreuth Futures Forum and in presence of his wife, Princess Sarvath Al Hassan.

During his speech the Prince emphasized the importance of the dialogue between cultures, nations and religions to get security among nations.

The Prize was given for first time in 2008 to the Nobel Prize in Literature, the Nigerian writer Wole Soyinka. The Bayreuth worth is EUR 10.000 and honors internationally and renowned personalities who have worked especially for tolerance, humanity and the coexistence of peoples and religions.

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