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On November 16, Princess Laurentien was in Barcelona to present her new children’s book ‘Mr Finney’ dedicated to climate change. Published in 2009 in Dutch, the first story of the series is titled “Mr. Finney and the world upside down” and its Spanish version will be released in spring 2011 (Editorial SM).

Laurentien of Orange-Nassau explained today that Finney, the character who stars in the series of tales, was born in August 2007, “when we saw the news that the Russians had placed a flag in 4000 meters deep at the North Pole. ” In the first installment, Finney lives a quiet life in his garden, where he chats with his friend the snail, a tranquility that is disturbed when it appears Espurna Rosa (Pink Sparkle) with SuperBibBip, a sort of window to the Internet like Google Earth, aroused his curiosity about the world beyond home.


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Mr. Finney will realize that “sustainability of the world is everyone’s responsibility and that no one can be absolute master of nowhere.” Author admits is “idealistic” because “a book will not solve the problems,” but is “a modest contribution to dialogue and better understand the world around us.”

In the second installment of the series of Finney, who will be in bookstores next February Dutch, Orange Laurentien address other environmental concerns, in this case the rise in sea level. One issue that directly affects the Netherlands, he recalls, but also other places like the Maldives, whose inhabitants have begun to buy land in India, which “climate change will encourage migrations, problems of coexistence.”

In this book project will cross several of his interests: “The love of reading and writing, my belief in the power of children, and the importance of environment.”

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