What have the Danish royals been up to lately, Week #44

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Queen Margrethe & Prince Henrik.
Tuesday, 2. November: Queen Margrethe was made an honorary member of the Association of Danish Set Designers, for her work as a, yes, set designer in a number of plays and dramas over the years.

Thursday, 4. November: Prince Henrik, who is pretty fond of bridge, attended the international bridge tournament, Bridge 4 People in Copenhagen.

Friday, 5. November: Queen Margrethe attended a memorial service in Copenhagen, in honor of the Greenlandic politician, Jonathan Motzfeldt. The service took place at the same time as the funeral in Greenland.

Sunday, 7. November: Prince Henrik, Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary and the children Christian, Isabella, Nikolai and Felix all watched the traditional Hubertus Hunt in Dyrehaven, near Copenhagen. The Hubertus Hunt is basically like an English foxhunt. Except that there are no foxes, no hounds and it’s not a hunt. Just riders dressed in their finest, displaying their skills. It usually attracts lots of spectators. Especially near a pond. All the onlookers hoping for a rider or two to fall off and end up in the water. That’s part of the fun.

Crown Prince Frederik & Crown Princess Mary.
Tuesday, 2. November: Crown Prince Frederik named the first of a new class of three frigates for the Danish Navy. This took place in a yard in Odense. Frederik unveiled the name of the ship, Iver Huitfeldt, and her coat of arms.

Crown Princess Mary presented the Integration Prize of the year to in Copenhagen. The prize acknowledges the work people or organizations do in integrating new citizens in Denmark. However one recipient refused to accept the prize as a protest of the government’s policy on integration. Mary instead handed over that particular prize to someone else. This was a political matter and did not involve Mary directly as she only presents the prizes on behalf of the government.

Frederik ended this Tuesday by attending a soccer match between Barcelona and FCK in Copenhagen. The result was 1-1, so it was a pretty delighted Frederik who went home that night.

Wednesday, 3. November: This time it was Mary who went to Odense, to visit the local branch of the Danish Refugee Council. A language center to be exact, where refugees are taught Danish. Here she followed the lessons in Danish for a couple of hours and had a chat with some of the students.

Thursday, 4. November: Frederik took part in an elk hunt in western Sweden, together with the Swedish King Carl Gustav.

Friday, 5. November: Frederik attended the funeral of one of the most important Greenlandic politicians, Jonathan Motzfeldt. The burial took place in Nuuk, Greenland.

Saturday, 6. November: Mary handed out a grant from the Children’s Heart Association at the Eksperimentarium in Copenhagen. Children unfortunately can also suffer from heart deceases.

Prince Joachim & Princess Marie.
Monday, 1. November: The hunting season has started and Prince Joachim hosted a hunt in central Jutland.
Tuesday, 2. November: Joachim, being a farmer himself, attended the FoodPharma Tech convention in Herning, in central Jutland. Here new agricultural methods were being presented.

Wednesday, 3. November: This time Joachim went to Sølyst, near Copenhagen, to present a grant. A royal grant, with the impressive name: Kong Christian IX og Dronning Louises Jubilœumslegat. (King Christian IX and Queen Louise’s Jubilee Grant). Alas, since Prince Joachim is a male and is not wearing dresses, press reports about what went on is very limited indeed!

Oh, you wanna know more? No problem, just go to The Royal House of Denmark forum and read all about it.

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