Queen Sofia visits Panda Babies

  November 5, 2010 at 5:49 pm by

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The last September 7th, a pair of twins panda were born at the Madrid Zoo Aquarium. The cubs were conceived through artificial insemination in a joint project of Madrid Zoo and veterinarian University in collaboration with the Care Center for Giant Panda in Chengdu, China.

Today, the little cubs received the visit of Queen Sofia, who was very interested in all that had to do with the daily care this heart-breaking pandas. Although they still remain at the setter, the cubs are growing healthy and put on weigh day after day, and from time to time they received the lovely care of their mother Hua Zui Ba, who despite being a new mother, is proving to be an excellent in the care of her cubs.

According the Zoo carers, Queen Sofia could not hide her excitement and joy to have so close to these gentle animals. In fact once she arrived to the care centre his first question was if she could take the cubs in her arms.

These two pandas are the first of their species to be born in Spain since 1982, and only the third litter to be born in Europe. As the Zoo authorities stated, this birth is a great achievement in the world, as it refers to a species in serious danger of extinction, and confirms the Zoo Aquarium in Madrid as one of the most important institutions recognized for their commitment to conservation.

Here you have a lovely video form the visit:


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