What have the Danish royals been up to lately?

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Just a little personal note to start with:

This is my first attempt at writing a blog, so please bear with me.

I intend this to be a brief weekly summary of the latest events involving the Danish royals. For more details you will have to go to the appropriate topics. this is merely a sample, a bite if you will.

If it works, I’ll continue. If it doesn’t, well, I won’t.

Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik:
Monday: Queen Margrethe gave a public audience at Christiansborg Castle. In principle everyone can drop by and apply for an audience with the Queen, if whoever it is think he or she has something, which the Majesty should know. Mostly its people who come to thank the Majesty for orders, for some event the Queen attended and so on.
Among those who came to thank the Majesty was the actor, Viggo Mortensen, who has been awarded the Knights Cross.

Tuesday evening the entire family, including Crown Prince Frederik, Crown Princess Mary and Princess Marie (her husband, Joachim, was still in Ghana, in a village populated by witches), attended a concert at Fredensborg Chapel, followed by a supper at Fredensborg itself. All that in the honor of people of science and research in Denmark. A pretty grand dinner!

Wednesday Queen Margrethe went to Tivoli in order to present the new ballet of the year, which is to be performed in Tivoli. QMII had been in charge of the set design and costumes while her very good friend, Susanne Heering, had been in charge of the actual performance.

Thursday: Prince Henrik presented his latest book with poetry, Roue Libre, at an art museum in Herning. In central Jutland.

Friday: And while he was there he went on a hunt the next day, also in central Jutland. The hunting season has started and Henrik went out with a number of old friends.

Sunday: The Regent Couple went to a service in Roskilde Cathedral, which is undergoing a major renovation. The cathedral is the place where most Danish monarchs are buried and it’s also the place where the current Regent Couple is supposed to be laid to rest.

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary.
Mary started Monday be revealing the Christmas Seal of the year. The sale of Christmas Seals help to fund the Christmas Seal Homes, where obese children stay to basically learn to slim down and to exercise in order to change their lives and especially the bad habits they have.
They also stay among children in the same situation as themselves and hopefully they will find support and form friendships here.
Later that Monday Mary gave a speech at the KreaNorth conference under the Nordic council. The purpose here being to focus on and encourage “creative businesses.” Innovation being something that is very much sought after.
The current Danish government (and I agree) is more or less openly considering the Nordic Council pretty redundant. Its in EU the action is.

Tuesday, Frederik and Mary visited Rigshospitalet, where a new rehabilitation center for wounded soldiers was inaugurated. Mary had a long talk with a soldier, who lost his left leg in Afghanistan.
The equipment to be used by the soldiers at the center was acquired after a visit to a military hospital in USA.
Mary and Frederik also reflected on their personal friend, Peter Heering, who is currently serving in Afghanistan. He is married to Mary’s secretary and Lady-in-Waiting, Caroline Heering, who was also present.

Thursday: Frederik was present at the presentation of the Greenland Christmas Seal 2010. The surplus of the sales of that seal will go to culture in Greenland. Frederik has for many years had a close affiliation with Greenland.

Prince Joachim and Princess Marie.
Prince Joachim was in northern Ghana as patron of the organization Care. Care have initiated a number of projects in that part of Ghana, among others new crops that are better suited for the environment there and also in response to the changing climate. There is plenty to do! There are also set up camps or rather villages for local women, who for whatever reason have become outcasts.
Unfortunately Joachim and his entourage had to do without their luggage for a couple of days, but I guess he wasn’t so far out in the bush that he couldn’t buy a shirt and a deodorant. That may explain why I saw a picture of him wearing a Care T-shirt.

You want more details? Well, go to The Royal House of Denmark forum and read all about it.

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  1. Terri Terri says:

    Fantastic Muhler! Thank you very much!

  2. Donna says:

    well done at least you had the courage, i often think about it but being in australia rely on o/s sites and 1 day behind all the time. look forward to more posts thank you

  3. Ron Anderson says:

    It is great to be back in touch with Danish Royals. You did a great job!

  4. Muhler says:

    Thank you for your encouraging words.

  5. janie says:

    keep up the good work!

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