King Harald: “She will always be our daughter”

  October 29, 2010 at 10:09 am by

For the first time King Harald of Norway commented on his daughter’s statements that she speaks with the dead. Princess Märtha Louise caused several discussions after announcing she doesn’t only talk to angels, but also to dead people.

During an interview with the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten the King admitted that parents don’t always agree with their children.
What is important for us is that we love them.” the King said.

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The newspaper also asked the King if it wouldn’t be a better choice to revoke Mártha Louise’s title “Princess”. King Harald disagreed and made clear that the title shows that Märtha Louise is still the King’s daughter. Furthermore he made clear that for him it is not really important if Märtha has a title or not. For him it wouldn’t make a difference.

King Harald also underlined he will not criticize his daughter in public. Queen Sonja previously asked the press to respect their choice and privacy.

You can read parts of the interview here.

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3 Responses to King Harald: “She will always be our daughter”

  1. nascarlucy says:

    I do believe that people have exchanges with angels and some people do have the ability to communicate with those who have gone on.

  2. Beryl says:

    Well, what else can he say? “We’re disowning her?” Of course parents disagree with their children sometimes and of course they still love them. And however they feel they’re going to present a united front to the press. What a lot of fuss over nothing.

  3. nascarlucy says:

    Agreed Beryl. Much a do about nothing. If every parent disowned their child because they believed a certain way or did something they didn’t like, there would be many children that had no contact with their parents.

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