Queen Rania on Surprise Visit to Three Schools

  September 16, 2010 at 10:24 am by

Her Majesty Queen Rania paid a surprise visit to three public schools in Amman on the second day of school year. The schools she visited were a Secondary School for girls, an Elementary School for boys and a Primary Co-ed.

While visiting the schools, Queen Rania visited different classrooms, talked to children and teachers. During the visit to the schools, Queen Rania was greeted by enthusiastic screams from the students who were suprised to see Her Majesty.

Queen Rania stressed the importance of a suitable learning environment in the schools.

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2 Responses to Queen Rania on Surprise Visit to Three Schools

  1. pierre haddad says:

    Education is the only hope for any country to progress and be among the elite in our world.

    Good education means good futur

    When the mind is well feeded we get great persons while when the stomachs are well feeded we get lazy fat persons


    ma sha allah ,be blessed your majesty ,the kids must have a good future ,thats you and your beloved husbands responsibility ,with open mind and good education ,they grow wild ,i hope my advise is acceptable ,good day ,love and salaams ramiz

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