It’s a Lovely Day for a Wedding

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With Greek inspiration, elegance and beauty, Spetses was the stage for the beautiful wedding between Prince Nikolaos and Tatiana Blatnik on August 25th, 2010.

After the arrival of family, friends, a group of 16 young and eccentric bridesmaids and many European Royals (who represented the Royal Houses of Spain, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Iran, Bourbon-Two Sicilies and of course, Greece), Tatiana arrived at the Monastery of Agios Mikolaos in a beautiful carriage and entered on the arm of her stepfather, Attilio Brillenbourg, as Tatiana’s father died when she was six.

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The bride wore a strapless dress with a lace bolero jacket designed by Angel Sanchez and an antique corsage tiara, the same tiara Marie-Chantal Miller (now Princess Pavlos of Greece) wore on her wedding day, and had a simple and yet beautiful bouquet.

During the ceremony, there wasn’t the usual “Yes, I do” sentence, since the couple don’t talk in a Greek wedding ceremony. However, they had to do the Isaiah’s dance, the couple walked three times around the altar.

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Then, the married couple left in the same white carriage heading to the reception that was going to be held at a friend’s estate, where King Constantine gave a lovely speech about the wedding, love and family and where the King also thankfully mentioned Spetses and its people:

“This is the first wedding of our family in Greece since we left and we are delighted that it is taking place on this beautiful island, Spetses, with it’s wonderful people. The advice I give to you now…

“To keep your marriage brimming with love in the loving cup, whenever you are wrong, admit it, whenever you are right, shut up.”

And as King Constantine also spoke about the lovely couple, who provided to every single guest and also to every royal watcher a beautiful and simple wedding:

“Tatiana, look after your husband. He’s not a bad fellow. And Nikolaos, look after your wife. She’s a treasure.”

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2 Responses to It’s a Lovely Day for a Wedding

  1. Jaya says:

    As seen in the photos the couple was holding hands in the Byzantine manner.I thought that their idea to have the wedding on an Greek island most romantic and with a certain correct progressive air about it.Those who comprehended this special day as I have never ever seen a royal wedding on a Greek Island before went and the others did not.The couple looked radiant and the bride was resplendent.
    I wish that their life as initiated on Spetses is strewn with rose petals every step of the way.



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