Victoria & Daniel’s Wedding – Arrivals

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The wedding between HRH Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden and Mr Daniel Westling began on June 19th at around 2:30pm, Stockholm time, when guests began arriving to the Storkyrkan (Stockholm Cathedral) in Stockholm for the ceremony.

Shortly after, the royal guests and close family of the bride and groom began to make their way down the light blue carpet which led from the West Gate of the Royal Palace of Stockholm into the Cathedral. The first group of royal arrivals consisted of the younger children of the various European monarchs, and when the clock struck 3pm (or near enough to) the procession of senior royals and the closest family members began.

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Arriving amongst the Kings, Queens, Crown Prince Couples and deposed royals were members of the Westling family – Daniel’s aunts and uncles, accompanied by the Marshall of the Realm. Following the glittering parade of tiaras and uniforms, which also consisted of the King’s four sisters and their husbands, was Ms Anna Westling-Blom (Daniel’s sister) and her partner, Mikael Söderström. The Westling parents – Olle and Ewa – were next, Ewa looking ever the proud mother of the groom in a silvery-grey evening dress with a matching jacket bordered with crystals.

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Queen Silvia and Princess Madeleine were second-to-last to arrive, both women sparkling with jewels from the Bernadotte vault. Queen Silvia wore a gown of pink tulle, embroidered with pearls and gemstones. She paired the impressive Brazilian Tiara with the dress, along with the diamond and pink topaz set which dates back to 1804 and the reign of Russian Tsar Paul I. Princess Madeleine was wearing a “forget-me-not” blue chiffon gown, with a ruffled skirt and crystal-beaded bodice. Madeleine also wore the Connaught Tiara, which came to Sweden when Princess Margaret of Connaught married Prince Gustav Adolf (later King) in 1905.

Then, a big cheer came from the viewing crowd – the groom had made his entrance. Accompanied by Prince Carl Philip, Daniel Westling smiled and waved as he made his way to the Cathedral. He made a quick stop just before entering the Cathedral to hug a family member who was a part of the folk band playing just off the stairs. After that, it was to the alter for him and Carl Philip.

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And while Daniel was situating himself inside, a black chauffeur driven car was making its way towards the Cathedral. Stopping, King Carl Gustaf exited from one side and made his way to the stairs before the big reveal – the bride had finally arrived. Crown Princess Victoria stepped out of the car and on to the steps, waving to the crowds while two attendants fixed her train and veil. Victoria’s elegant wedding gown was designed by Pär Engsheden, as had been speculated for months by the Swedish media. According to the official press release, the gown was made of “cream-coloured duchess silk satin, with short sleeves and a turned-out collar, which follows the rounded neckline.”

It came as little surprise that the centuries-old Cameo Tiara was Victoria’s tiara of choice – it is decked in tradition surrounding Swedish royal brides (Queen Silvia wore the tiara to her 1976 wedding, as did Haga Princesses Birgitta and Désirée). The Cameo Tiara is believed to have been created around 1809, by Napoleon for his wife Josephine. The tiara held in place a historic family lace veil, worn in the early 1900s by Queen Sofia of Sweden at her wedding. Victoria’s grandmother, Princess Sibylla (the King’s late mother) also wore the veil, as did three of the Haga Princesses and Queen Silvia. The bouquet carried by the bride was all white, and consisted of a multitude of flowers, including: lilies of the valley, roses, phalaenopsis orchids, peonies, Mårbacka pelargoniums, and azaleas.

Princess Victoria then took her father’s arm and began the walk down the aisle to her groom.

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