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Princess Welcomes New Generation of Monegasques

  May 28, 2010 at 12:38 am by

American mothers were celebrated this year, as always, on the second Sunday of May, which turned out to be the ninth. In the UK, Mothers’ Day was observed on March 14th. For Monaco, it is this Sunday, the 30th.

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Casually known as Monaco’s First Lady (or, perhaps, First Mother?) the Hereditary Princess Caroline paid a visit today to the maternity ward of Princess Grace Hospital in Monte-Carlo. She met the staff and the new mothers and, of course, the newest wave of Monegasque citizens. She bore more than her lovely face, however.

The princess greeted the new mamas armed with goody bags and roses. It was an official visit on behalf of the Monegasque Red Cross, but it was also personally nostalgic for the Princess to visit the place where she gave birth to her three elder children, the Casiraghis, in the Eighties. Her fourth and youngest child, Princess Alexandra of Hanover, was born in 1999 in a clinic in Austria.

Dr. Treisseur, chief of staff for the maternity wing, led the Princess on her tour to meet the new mothers and babies. Mr. Narmino, Secretary-General of Monaco’s Red Cross, accompanied the Princess.

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