Princess Madeleine Breaks Engagement

  April 24, 2010 at 11:39 am by

The Swedish Royal Court yesterday announced that Princess Madeleine and Jonas Bergström have called off their engagment. The announcement comes after weeks of media reports that the pair’s relationship is in a crisis, and allegations that Mr Bergström had cheated on his fiance.

The official statement read:

“After careful consideration, Princess Madeleine and Mr Jonas Bergström made a joint decision to go seperate ways.

They have come to the conclusion that the best thing for them is that they move in opposite directions.

Princess Madeleine and Mr Jonas Bergström appeal to the media to show them respect and consideration for this decision. They need peace and quiet in this difficult situation. Extreme media coverage will not ease the situation for them.

We ask for your understanding that no further statements will be provided.”

Princess Madeleine and Mr Bergström became engaged in August 2009 after dating for several years. Princess Madeleine will be travelling to the US this weekend to visit Seattle in connection with the World Childhood Foundation.

Read more about the broken engagement here.

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4 Responses to Princess Madeleine Breaks Engagement

  1. Mavis Fraser says:

    This is a very delicate subject. Can someone explain to me why white women take delight to expose their sex life to the media? Spanish,Black Indian and Oriential women are very discreet to discuss this sbject about their partners. Private matters such as sex between a MAN AND WOMAN should remain between the two people.

    It is discusgting and immorial(very bad taste)

  2. Paul says:

    Are you joking? Royal engagements have been announced for centuries, in fact who doesn’t announce their engagements? It’s certainly of the public interest as she is a princess. Unfortunately it didn’t work out and now she has to publically break it.

  3. Mavis Fraser says:

    If it is true that Tora Uppstrom discloseure of the relationship between her and Jonal Berstrom causeed the rift between Princess Madeleine and he. There is definately a weak link. The Prince of Norway married a woman who had a past and a child of of wedlock. Prince Charles created a rift between two families his and Camilla, he married Camilla Catherine the Great of Russia was not born Russian; she became Czarina of Russia those who knows history knows why. Princess Grace was not a saint according to the rumours. Someone Please explain why White women take delight to expose their inner most secret (sex). Mr. Berstrom should be given another chance. There was King David and King Solomon and many men after them who chased after women Kings and Pesant.

  4. Mavis Fraser says:

    Did the Parents of Madeleine and Jonas Bergstrom discuss with them some of the facts of life (experience is our best teacher) no one is perfect Madeleine is not going to meet a perfect man. Her future brother-in-law name has not been linked with any woman I daresay because he has had a health problem all along. he caught Victoria. He is not stupid.

    I trust that Princess Madeleine and Jonus find peace and NOT regret losing each other IN YEARS TO COME. I still want to know why white women expose their sex life to the media to hurt others and for money even some prostitutes are discrete.

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