William & Kate: A Wedding At Last?

  April 7, 2010 at 2:10 pm by

All over the world, the media is buzzing over the latest speculation that Britain’s Prince William and his girlfriend of 7 years, Kate Middleton are set to announce their engagement soon. Although rumors of this have been going on for several years now, this time may actually be it.

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This is all because of an article from The Daily Beast’s Tina Brown. In it, she says a royal source claims that on the dates June 3rd and 4th, the calendar is blank. Plus, Parliamentary elections have been set and many royal watchers have speculated that once the elections are over, William and Kate would be free to marry.

However, there is a reason not to get too excited. Another royal source told People magazine that Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip will be visiting Plymouth in the south of England during those days.

Also, CNN was told be Clarence House: “we don’t comment on speculation,” while Britain’s Telegraph reported that a spokesman for St. James’s Palace declined to comment. It also quoted a source as saying that any suggestion of Buckingham Palace’s preparing for upcoming nuptials was “wide of the mark.”

Many royal watchers have predicted that 2011 may actually be the year Prince William and Ms. Middleton will marry. It will coincide with Prince Philip’s 90th birthday, William will be done with his RAF training, and it is the year before two major events in London that will weigh heavily on taxpayers: the 2012 Summer Olympics and the Queen’s 60th Jubilee.

But if the wedding announcement will come on June 3rd or 4th as predicted, then it will be safe to say “finally!”

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