Diana’s Letters To Remain Unpublished

  February 20, 2009 at 7:08 pm by

In 1993, the entertainment world battened down the hatches and prepared for the bitchiest onslaught in recent times as the Kenneth Williams Diaries were published, followed by the publication of his private correspondance to friends and fans. Even those who thought they’d be praised were suprised; Michael Parkinson was taken aback to find he’d been branded a “North country nit.”

A similar wave of dread must have passed over the bigwigs of the London scene when Diana Princess of Wales died: could there be diaries or letters with what she really thought laid down in black and white for all and sundry to see should some eager publisher get a-hold? Well there are letters but to the relief of many, her correspondence with top government officials won’t be published. Of course there’ll be the nutters who try and cite the Freedom of Information Act as an excuse to find out whether Diana was really talking about an international ambassador role or just flirting with the Prime Minister (isn’t that what these kind of documents only ever throw up?) but do we really need to steal any more privacy from Diana and her family?

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