Airmiles Andy Strikes Again

  February 23, 2009 at 12:44 am by

What’s the difference between the Duke of York and a mango? A mango is flown thousands of miles and people actually want to see it when it gets there. Yes, Airmiles Andy is at it again with a little helicopter trip to open a bridge.

Members of the Royal Family use helicopters a lot of course, but when their destination is only 70 miles away surely a car is the better option? By road it would have cost a mere £40, and by rail just £90 and a few pennies. But no, Andrew “golf-balls for brains” Windsor decided to splash out four grand for a jaunt by chopper. With behaviour like this, the Grand Old Duke wants to be careful it’s not the only chopper coming his way.

Britain’s apparantly in recession, we’re experiencing a credit crunch (well, I’m not but then my only assets are an empty bottle of Gordon’s and a half-eaten bagel), and the Royal Family should be seen to lead the way in economising. Of course the Palace are keen to stress that as HRH had a dinner at Buck House later that night, he needed the copter to get him back otherwise the whole schedule would have been thrown out.

Here’s a thought, Andy: why not cancel a round of golf, schedule a lovely little train ride to Shoreham, and work two days running. Or is that a little too much like hard work….

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3 Responses to Airmiles Andy Strikes Again

  1. kate duncan says:

    Here’s an idea: instead of ferrying Airmiles Andy all over the place to do practically nothing, why not retire him, along with all the rest of them? Then he can play golf to his heart’s content. And the queen can paly with the corgis, and Charles can talk to his plants.

  2. Ash says:

    His Royal highness was not going for a round of golf he was going for an important public matter, why do you think that people who love the uk the crown and tradition want to here your horried and sick rant, you should find the bolshavik reds forum it would suite you more, if it were up to me and a good % of the uk people the queen would have a new boat and The duke of york would have his own copter, you utter cad we love our royals and any amount of money is nothing to what they mean to us get it.

  3. BeatrixFan says:

    Cad? Darling, I’m many things but I’m no cad. I have a guinea pig you know.

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