A Sporty Weekend

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This weekend was a sporty one for the Norwegian Royals.
Many nordic sports event took place at the famous Holmenkollen outside of Oslo.

On Saturday King Harald watched the 30 km free technique cross-country of the men and women and met with the Norwegian athletes afterwards.
The King also attended Sunday’s World Cup-event and trial World Championships in Nordic skiing at Holmenkollen.

Click at the picture to see a gallery of the Royals at the Holmenkollen at PPE

One of the most traditional events the Royal family attends annually is the ski jumping competition at the Holmenkollen jump.
The Royal couple as well as the Crown Princely couple and their children were seen at the Royal box in the newly renovated Holmenkollen stadium and jump.
You can find a thread about the family at the annual Holmenkollen ski jumping competition here.

Click at the picture to see a gallery at Kongehuset.no

On Saturday Prince Haakon also attended the opening of the “Finnmarksløpet” – a race in which 108 dog sledges participated.
Several thousand of people came to the center of Alta to see the opening ceremony. Prince Haakon participated in the race the first leg from Alta til Sorrisniva with Lars Monsen.
An article can be found here.

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