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Princess Victoria Celebrates Name Day

  March 13, 2010 at 5:50 am by

As she does each year on March 12th at noon, Crown Princess Victoria yesterday stepped out into the courtyard of the Royal Palace of Stockholm to greet the public on the occasion of her name day.

View the image at Svenskdam

Wearing a hot pink coat and black suede boots, Victoria was accompanied by her fiancé, Daniel Westling, and her mother, Queen Silvia. They stood; the Crown Princess on a raised podium, the Queen and Daniel behind her; in the cold Stockholm weather as the Royal Life Guards and the Swedish Army Marching Band performed a range of songs, including the ‘Crown Princess Victoria Festive March’. The people joined in for a verse of ‘With a Simple Tulip.’

After that, Victoria took the hand of her fiancé and together they greeted the crowds which had come to celebrate. Victoria accepted numerous flowers, and smiled down at a group of kindergarten children who attended, bearing drawings for her. Reporters asked a few questions, including one which asked how the Princess felt now that her wedding was less than one hundred days away – “Don’t remind me, I’m getting nervous!” was Victoria’s response, holding a hand to her stomach.

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2 Responses to Princess Victoria Celebrates Name Day

  1. Andrew says:

    Well they say gentlemen don’t wear brown, but then again Mr Westling is’nt quite a gentleman is he now ?

  2. lillian says:

    he is very much a gentleman ,much more than you mr andrew. to say such a stupid thing about colors. or are so envious that not on your life can you get a Crown Princess to fall in love with you? I bet !!!!And they make a sensational couple and you can feel through the photos how very much in love they are !!! waiting 8 years to attain these days .It shows how true their love for each other is !! eat your venom,you don’t even deserve a capital at the beginnig of your name ,andrew “the venom”

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