Princess Alexandra of Hanover might be Monaco’s next Olympian

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On Sunday, January 17, Princess Alexandra of Hanover accompanied her family to Monaco’s Circus Festival. After the show, instead of going home to play with cousin Camille, she committed herself to practice for the Principality’s upcoming figure skating championship, scheduled for five weeks later. Therefore, she put on her ice skates for a not-quite private session.

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Unfortunately, the rink at the Rainier III Nautical Stadium (“Stade Nautique”) isn’t covered. The paparazzi, therefore, could zoom their lenses on the little girl wearing her Napapijri fleece and a striped knit hat with long threaded
tentacles”. It may be a mystery as to how the ‘paps’ knew of the plans of the little Princess, but one may also guess that the photographers followed the car of her mother, or that they can always easily spot a Grimaldi presence at the famous Olympic swimming pool from the Port. Every winter since 2007, the pool freezes over and is used as an ice rink. The skating begins in December and ends in the first fortnight of March.

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Writing for a Swedish website, Agnata Nisbeth expressed bemusement at the idea of ice sports in Monaco, but apparently, as she reported for the Svenskdam news site, the Principality is host of an annual figure skating competition. Monaco’s long-time First Lady and, since 2005, first in line to the Throne, Princess Caroline clapped and beamed with pride while her fourth and youngest child, age ten, received the Silver Medal.

During the pre-competition warmup, as Alexandra prepared to skate away from the stands, Caroline affectionately stroked her daughter’s face. Maybe it was a stroke of luck. For the performance, Alexandra wore the colors of Monaco’s flag, a polka dot dress and white tights. There were times in the performance with Princess Caroline seemed to grimace as in pain from watching her daughter execute the difficult moves. She need not have worried, however. At the prize-giving ceremony, Alexandra beamed happily from the #2 pedestal and triumphantly posed with her trophy.

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Not long afterward, she threw her arms, still bearing the trophy, around her mother. For the post-competition skate with her fellow winners, she wore shorts, a layer of shirts and purple leggings.

Princess Caroline has sometimes been called an Ice Princess, but this new passion of her (appropriately) most obscure child gives the label a new and interesting context. Alexandra, who is the only one of Caroline’s children who has a royal title, is just of an age to begin serious training for such a passion. If she has the nerve and works hard, she might be a contender to, as her uncle Prince Albert II has done, represent Monaco at the Olympic Winter Games.

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