No Marital Problems For Prince Laurent And Princess Claire

  January 27, 2010 at 9:50 am by

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‘La Libre’ reports that the royal palace categorically denies the rumours about a seperation of prince Laurent and princess Claire, which are circulation in the Belgian press and on the internet.

In last week’s editition of the Belgian ‘Paris Match’, Father Gilbert, the man who married Laurent and Claire, is interviewed. He tells the magazine that he is not allarmed at all and that the problems between Laurent and Claire are the same as in any marriage, but nothing serious.

The magazine however says that othr voices reveal that the prince is in a bad mood and that the princess is very tired. Rumours about a break-up of Laurent and Claire are nothing new. They appeared in the press even before the couple got married in 2003. However, 7 years later the couple is still together.

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