Prince Carlos and Annemarie Will Marry In Brussels

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For the first time since Prince Carlos of Bourbon-Parma got engaged to the Dutch journalist Annemarie Gualthérie van Weezel, he gave a short interview to the Dutch magazine ‘Royalty’. In the interview the prince says that he asked Annemarie to marry him during a picnic at a pond in the park of Palace het Loo in Apeldoorn. The prince also reveals that he first asked Annemarie’s father, former politician Hans Gualthérie van Weezel for permission. Friends and family were not surprised by the engagement, as the couple already has been together for several years. All four parents of the couple are happy about the engagement, as they know how much they love and complement each other, says prince Carlos. The couple share the same interests, are both socially involved and have an international background.

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The prince also told the magazine that they will get married in Brussels. The couple chose for Brussels for several reasons. First of all it is the city where they fell in love, when Annemarie was working as a journalist for the NOS and Carlos as an advisor on sustainability. But it is also the city where Annemarie’s parents are living and it is easy to reach for the international group of friends and relatives that the couple invited to their wedding. That Annemarie is not royal or noble is not a problem in the 21st century, says the article. Neither is the religion of the bride, who is a Protestant while the Bourbon-Parma’s are Catholics.
According to the magazine Annemarie can call herself Princess Annemarie de Bourbon de Parma, Duchess of Piacenza, Duchess of Madrid, after the wedding. She will however use those titles only during official events. For her work she will keep using her maiden name as she find it more practical. After her wedding she will keep working on the political department of the NOS News in The Hague, as she enjoys her work and has a passion for politics.
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