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Spanish millionaire leaves fortune to Felipe and Letizia

  January 20, 2010 at 9:42 am by

We could say that the Prince and Princess of Asturias are quite fortunate. Not only because they are royals (which sometimes can be an advantage), and because they love their work and their family, but also because they are quite wealthy. Now, that wealth might get even greater as a Spanish tycoon, Juan Ignacio Balada Llabrés, who died last year, left his fortune which is valued in almost 30 million euros to the heirs of the Spanish crown. The Royal household informs that Felipe and Letizia never had any contact with the deceased.

According to some sources, Juan Ignacio’s testament says that his estate has to be divided into two parts, 50 percent going to the king and queen’s eight grand children and prince Felipe and princess Letizia, while the rest is going to a new foundation with social aims that yet has to be created. According to the will, prince Felipe will become chairman of the new foundation.

Earlier this week a spokesperson of the court said that “still without knowing all the details of the Mr. Balada’s inheritance, for whose generosity the Prince and Princess are grateful, the couple have decided to use the part that will benefit them for causes of general and social interest”. The royal household is still studying if they should accept the inheritance or not.

For further information visit this thread.

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