Twelve Foundations Managed from Noordeinde Palace

  February 20, 2009 at 6:17 am by

Twelve foundations and trusts are listed on the adress Noordeinde 68, the asdress of Noordeinde Palace in the Hague. This was written in a letter by prime minister Mr. Dr. J. P. Balkenende to the second chamber of parliament.




Parliament asked for an overview after controversies arose about an article in the Volkskrant about the money of princess Christina, youngest sister of queen Beatrix. Her money is on a bank in Guernsey, managed by the Daffodil trust that uses Noordeinde 68 as postal adress. Several Dutch MP’s and members of the press critisized the princess for using the palace for tax evasion. Two weeks ago the same newspaper also revealed that the Bourbon-Parma family, the children of the queen’s second sister princess Irene, have their money in the Lys foundation, which also has Nooreinde 68 as postal adress.


According to NRC Handelsblad some of the other foundations that use Noordeinde Palace as their postal adress take care of the pensions of courtiers, the royal archives, the crown estates and the jewelry collection of the Royal Family. The two trusts dealing with the money of members of the royal family are listed on the adress of the palace to protect the privacy of members of the royal family, according to the letter of the prime minister

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