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Mohammed VI of Morocco sets up Advisory Committee on Regionalization

  January 5, 2010 at 7:48 pm by

King Mohammed VI chaired on Sunday at the Royal Palace in Marrakech the ceremony of setting up the Advisory Committee on Regionalization.The Committee, whose chairmanship was entrusted to Omar Azzimane, is composed of 21 members. Its mission is to propose a general conception of regionalization, while bearing in mind its relevant dimensions and the role of competent constitutional institutions in its implementation.

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The sovereign called on the Regionalization Advisory Committee, of which he announced the setting up in his address to the nation, to put in place “a new national regionalization system, without drifting into imitation or copying exact foreign experiences.”

“Our ultimate purpose,” continued the Monarch, “is to lay the foundation stone ahead of time of a regionalization model for developing countries.” It is also about backing up “the privileged place of our country as an example to follow when it comes to take bold national stands and to bring creative Moroccan responses to major Moroccan questions,” added Mohammed VI.

For the Moroccan King, the general concept of the expected model must be designed by being based on four foundations: “the attachment to the sacredness and the constants of the nation, particularly the unity of the state, the nation and the territory, We are therefore acting as the Guarantor and the Protector of unity.”

The ceremony was attended by King’s brother Moulay Rachid, Prime Minister Abbass Fassi and serval government figures.

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