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New Death Threats For Queen Fabiola

  January 5, 2010 at 11:48 am by

It became clear yesterday, that Queen Fabiola received two more death threats in the last week, the newspapr La Dernière Heure and the television station VTM received new death threats adressed to the widow of the late king Baudouin.

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Yesterday the newspaper La Dernière Heure received a postcard on which a coffin was drawn, with the text “more than 7 months to live…” The card was sent in an envelope from a bank, and posted in Charleroi. On the postcard itself, the sender put an Israeli stamp. The address on the card is total fiction, as the Queen does not live at “Chateau Plakendael”. The Police are taking the threat very serious and they have started an investigation.

Today the Flemish television station VTM revealed that they also received a letter with the threat to murder Queen Fabiola with five bullets, unless she enters a convent. The letter says that the queen has to pay for the “loose” lifestyle that she has led. The television station said that they did not want to make it public as they thought it clear that it was written by a mentally disturbed person. The letter wa posted in the area near Gent and was signed with the initials JPVB, Army Captain.

On the national day on July 21st, queen Fabiola showed that she did not take these threats too seriously herself. Before the defilé started the Queen opened her handbag, took an apple and held it up. A reference to Wilhelm Tell, as in previous threats the writer threatened to shoot the queen with a crossbow.

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