Best Wishes for the New Year from the Duke of Vendôme

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On his forum for the association ‘Gens de France’, the duke of Vendôme, 2nd son of the pretender to the French throne, wishes everybody a happy 2010. He calls 2009 a year of great events: his engagement and wedding to the Spanish Philomena de Tornos y Steinhart, followed by the birth and baptism of his son prince Gaston. He also refers to the presentation of his book ‘Un Prince Français’. The duke continues to say that he wants to thank the members of ‘Gens de France’ for their support and kind messages over the year.

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The duke also looks forward to the year 2010 and says that it will be a year of action for him. On the calender is the commemoration of the conversion of king Henri IV. The duke’s new years message is posted with a four generation picture of himself, his son prince Gaston, his father the count of Paris, and with the buste of the late count of Paris. This is remarkable since the count of Paris and the duke of Vendôme have been quarreling in public for some time and the duke was not present and the religious wedding of the count of Paris with his 2nd wife Micaela. Neither was the count present at the baptism of prince Gaston. Hopefully the new year will be one of reconsiliation in the Orléans family, of which this picture is an example.

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