Princess Diana Exhibition in Budapest

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Admirers of Princess Diana who happen to be traveling near Budapest, Hungary might be interested in visiting an exhibit of her mementos, which appear to be taken from the display at Althorp.

View the image at Budapest Tourist

Earl Spencer arranged the tribute to his sister. As he has done at Althorp, he has chosen to omit the controversial aspects of her life, concentrating on the positive and the items that people most want to see. There is a display of dresses and suits, which includes photographs of her wearing the items, which would appeal to most of us who are familiar with these images.

View the image at Budapest Tourist

I would find the memorabilia from Diana’s early life the most interesting. I recognized some of the items from other books on Diana, including a school uniform probably worn while Diana was at Silfield School (between 1967 and 1969); a small wooden box labeled “D. Spencer” which Diana took to boarding school; and some early childhood portraits (possibly pastels). Some of these items were photographed for the book Diana: The Portrait authorized by the Memorial Fund. A photograph of the exhibit also shows the wedding dress, although remarkably the article does not mention the wedding dress. The Spencer family also included one of its lesser-known tiaras, not the one that Diana wore on so many occasions, although the tiara is mis-identified in The Budapest Times article.

There is a section of the exhibit concentrating on Diana’s charitable work.

The final section includes the remarkable television footage following her death. Also included are the infamous handwritten text of Earl Spencer’s eulogy and the musical score and lyrics of  “Candle in the Wind.”

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