Laura Lopes Delivers Twin Boys

  January 3, 2010 at 8:21 am by

Laura Lopes, the daughter of the Duchess of Cornwall, gave birth to twin boys on December 30th.

The newborns, Laura’s second and third children with husband Harry (daughter Eliza was born in January 2008), have been named Gus and Louis. Clarence House confirmed the news, adding that “mother and sons are doing well.”

The spokesperson also said that the Duchess was “absolutely delighted” by the new additions, and that the entire family was thrilled.

Gus and Louis are the fourth grandchildren of the Duchess, who also has a granddaughter named Lola by her son Tom Parker-Bowles, born in October 2007. A fifth grandchild is expected in March, with Tom’s wife Sara pregnant with the couple’s second child.

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2 Responses to Laura Lopes Delivers Twin Boys

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  2. Lizzie says:

    I have always been a Diana fan, and still believe that is was wrong for Prince Charles to marry Camilla, regardless of whatever happened in 1970 while they were dating? But I know that Diana also had her chance to be Princess of Wales, and the mother of his two Prince boys. She shouldve tried to keep a better relationship with Charles, and that couldve prevented any other woman, to interfere, but Diana had a difficult time staying close to him, and understanding the Roayl family?
    I have heard rumors about Camillas daughter being the real daughter of Charles, but I dont know the facts. She is a beautiful girl, and if Charles has made peace with his extended family, and his own past, then, that is all that matters? AT least he managed to keep his boys, with him, and not allow another man, to act like a substitute father to them. (one of Dianas boyfriends). But I wish Prince Charles and Camilla happiness, and hope that the world will find it in their hearts to forgive her too. Now they have alot in the future, to continue the Roayl family and his boys future? I have wondered if Prince William will be married? They said the marriage was called off, due to a pregnancy reporter? But how can that be true? If she is possibly pregannt, with his child? Then, they should be able to marry, as soon as possible? WEll, their wedding are always beautiful, and the gossips is always not always true, or exaggerated…..Thanks for the news about Lauras wedding, and the new grandchildren,

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