Spanish Christmas Greetings

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As is usual since a few years, the Spanish Royal House published on its website their 2009 Christmas Cards, a few days before Christmas.

King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia chose for their greeting card a Nativity Scene, who represents the birth of Jesus. The three figures (Mary, Jesus and Joseph) belong to the National Treasury. They were made at the XVIII century when King Carlos III of Spain ordered this “Belen”, as is called in Spain, to his son Infante Carlos, future King Carlos IV. It was made according the traditional Napolitan way.

Images from the TRF Avatar Collection

The Crown Princely Family greet Christmas with a family photo that was taken in the hórreo, a traditional Asturian granarie that is situated at Zarzuela Gardens. Infanta Elena chose an image of her children and the Duke and Duchess of Palma de Mallorca wish us a Merry Christmas and a happy new year from Washington, also with a photo of their children at the main entrance of their new residence.

For more infomation on Spanish Christmas cards visit this thread.

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