Dom Duarte: ‘Portugal is Sick and Abused’

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On December 1st, Portugal celebrates the day the country becoming independent from Spain again in 1640, the day the Habsburg monarch was desposed and replaced by the duke of Bragança, who became King of Portugal. Today, 369 years later, the present Duke of Bragança uses this day to write a message to the country that his anscestors ruled.

In his message, the Duke says among other things that Portugal is “sick and abused” and that the international financial and economic crisis does not justify the present situation of the country. In his speech, delivered during a dinner hosted in Convento do Beato, Lisbon, the head of the Royal House made a very tough diagnosis of the Portuguese situation and criticized what he calls the excessive expenses involved in the celebrations around the centennial of the Republic.

The Duke further said to agree on a legal frame for homosexual couples, but stressed today that such situations can not be mixed with marriage, whose main vocation has been, for centuries, that of raising and protecting children. The heir to the throne admited however other forms of legal protection to all the couples that live together.

With a special thanks to TRF member Elsa M., who wrote most of this blog entry. More about the duke in this TRF thread. Two articles in portuguese about the speech of the duke can be found here and here.

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